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What we do,
and why we do it.


Founded in 2002, we have come a long way from where we began. We have evolved from providing personal car safes to consumers, to now providing industry leading security solutions for payments and point-of-sale to large global brands in many sectors, with deployments worldwide. Our deployments range from traditional Chip & PIN security and mounting, to mobile point-of-sale solutions to our MePOS that will transform the status quo of the point-of-sale terminal.

Here at Unique Secure, we have the customer at the centre of everything we do. We are experts in our field and we drive ourselves to deliver the best possible solutions that enable customers to offer safe, more innovative payment and service experience.

Our people are what make us. Our design team of innovators, product engineers and designers continually create and develop our market leading solutions. Our sales team that engage with customers nationally and internationally, understand their pain points and business initiatives, that’s then brought back to our innovators. From sales, to design, to marketing and operations, we are full of forward-thinking and innovative minds with a wealth of experience in the business.

We are unique in many ways. Our people, our design process, our engagement process with customers, the way we work, the user experience and most importantly, our products.

Whether you have been shopping for clothes, enjoying a chat with friends in a coffee shop, or grabbed a quick burger, you are likely to have been experiencing the discrete, functional yet stylish experience of Unique Secure.

What we do

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