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Verifone VX820

Pole Mount

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    Verifone VX820 Pole Mount

    Pole mounting solution for the Verifone VX820 which displays and protects the payment terminal. With a rotational arc of 280°, the pole mount can quickly be turned from cashier to customer, for a smooth payment process. An integrated anchor point in the base, allows you to tether your VX820 directly to the mount, freeing up valuable counter space.

    Technical Specifications
    • Pole mount footprint
    • 102mm (diameter)
    • Pole mount (without cradle)
    • 102 x 116 x 102mm (whd)
    • Max. dimensions (w/ optional tilt)
    • 165 x 245 x 102mm (whd)
    • Pole mount weight (w/ cradle)
    • 700g
    • Pole mount
    • Mild steel metal
    • Integrated anchor point
    • Included
    • Tilt mechanism
    • Optional
    • Coiled tether lock length
    • 190mm (1.8m extended)
    • Coiled tether lock weight
    • 100g
    • Coiled tethered lock
    • High-tensile twisted steel, PVC coated
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