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Multi-charging Dock

for the iPod touch and Verifone e255

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    Multi-charging Dock for the iPod touch and e255

    Combines a 5 way charging unit with slick security that maximises business uptime.

    This unique solution is a multi-charging dock for the iPod touch and the Verifone PAYware mobile e255 Bluetooth PED.  It charges 1 to 5 of the following combinations; iPod touch, iPod touch in skin or iPod touch in skin with Verifone e255.

    If in our mPOS skins, then the devices can be securely locked into the docking solution, which in turn can be tethered to a secure point or screwed down to a surface.  Ensuring that your investment in technology is protected and that you are adhering to PCI and P2PE requirements.

    Technical Specifications
    • Multi-charging dock
    • 460 x 96 x 125mm (whd)
    • Multi-charging dock weight
    • 1120g
    • Multi-charging dock
    • Toughened polycarbonate
    • Wall brackets
    • Included
    • Power supply
    • Included
    • iPod Touch inserts
    • Included
    • iPod Touch mPOS skins
    • Not included
    • Coiled tether lock length
    • 190mm (1.8m extended)
    • Coiled tether lock weight
    • 100g
    • Coiled tethered lock
    • PVC coated high-tensile twisted steel
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