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'5-in-1' tablet point of sale

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The MePOS is the world’s first ‘5-in-1’ intelligent self-diagnostic Tablet Point-of-sale (POS). With one single product, you can now create 5 modes of selling (see tech spec), enabling you to decide how you would like to set up your POS.

The MePOS is unlike any other tablet based POS in the market. It has an intelligent self-diagnostic system that not only drives all attached devices, it also performs ‘condition-based monitoring’, continually checking all devices are working as intended.

Technical Specifications
  • Traditional cashier mode with
  • integrated PED
  • Traditional cashier mode with
  • PED free-standing
  • Traditional cashier mode with
  • PED free standing and MBU reversed
  • Stand-alone kiosk
  • (self-service)
  • Mobile point-of-sale
  • (mPOS)
Product Datasheet

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