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MePOS® Lite+

Simple, Powerful

meposliteplus MePOS® Lite+
MePOS® Lite and MePOS® Lite+ are flexible hardware solutions for securely mounting tablets  and payment devices at  Point of Sale, which can quickly convert to mobile.
MePOS® Lite is a hardware specific tablet skin mounted on a secure, countertop charging tower. It’s quick and easy to unlock and detach the tablet and convert to a mobile Point of Sale or Point of Interaction.
MePOS® Lite+ provides two secure counter top charging points: a tablet tower and a pillar for a mobile payment terminal and converts quickly and easily from a fixed Point of Sale to a mobile Point of Sale.

Tablets & Payment Devices

MePOS® Lite & Lite+ support a range of tablets and payment devices, including:
  • Lenovo A10-70-Tab2
  • Lenovo Tab3-10-Business
  • Lenovo Thinkpad 10 Gen 2
  • iPad Air 2
Payment Devices
  • Mirua M010
  • Ingenico iCMP
  • Verifone e355
meposliteplus3 MePOS® Lite+

Intelligent charging

Charging for MePOS® Lite+ is via connectors in the stand, eliminating clutter from your Point of Sale and saving money long term on replacing damaged cables.

Secure lock

The tablet is locked in place with a keyed lock and is fully secure against theft. Unlocking and detaching the tablet to convert to a mobile Point of Sale or Point of Interaction is quick and easy.

meposliteplus1b MePOS® Lite+

meposliteplus1a MePOS® Lite+

meposliteplusparts MePOS® Lite+